Recruitment Management Solution

Recruitment Management Solution

The Next Generation of Canada’s Recruitment Solution IS HERE

Help your hiring team succeed by hiring the best applicants on the market. When you simplify the hiring process, you foster that success.

Njoyn, now with more advanced features than ever before, is designed to help hiring teams succeed. Sleek. Easy to use. Designed to prevent leakage of data to systems like email. Better reporting. All while preserving the tools that make Njoyn Canada’s go-to recruitment management solution.

Enhanced collaboration. All-in-one dashboards.

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Enhancing the Art of Hiring with Njoyn's Recruitment Solution

Adapting an Applicant Tracking System to Create a Smooth and Simple Hiring Process

Implemented a Vivid Solution, Unionized Internal Process, Improved Hiring Process

Implemented an Applicant Tracking System to Simplify the Hiring Process

Managing Requisitions and Saving Hiring Managers Time

Hiring managers have more to do than fill open positions. Njoyn is designed to help them effectively move through their hiring work in less time.

  • Use the new Hiring Dashboard to see all candidates assigned to a manager, plus other vital information, all in one screen.
  • Open Pending Negotiations to build business cases for standout candidates who don’t precisely fit a job’s given parameters.
  • Review candidates in Card View. Swipe left or right to view candidates. Select the option “Interested” to proceed with an interview or next recruitment step.

Speed up hiring decisions using Njoyn. The next generation of Njoyn provides hiring managers with all of the information and features they could need – without the irrelevant clutter – all on one page. 

Tracking Applicants, For The Busy Recruiter

Recruiters handle multiple candidate searches every day. The Njoyn recruitment management system makes these searches easier to manage than ever before.

  • The new Recruiter Dashboard shows a recruiter’s day on one easy-to-read page.
  • A pull-out calendar lists every upcoming interview.
  • Bookmark promising candidates.
  • Use Njoyn’s many filters to quickly create manageable applicant lists for hiring managers.
  • Category tabs conveniently sort candidate lists by hiring process stage.

All the steps and processes in a recruiter’s day now appear in one place. Njoyn.

Creating Jobs Faster Than Ever

Replacing former employees. Creating new positions. Expanding the organization. Human resource professionals must regularly create and manage jobs to keep their organizations in motion.

From creation through approvals and posting, Njoyn makes job creation work faster and easier than ever.

Users can:

Clone existing jobs

Clone existing jobs and create requisitions from job templates that even include pre-screening questions.

Work in English and French

Maintain English and French versions in one job requisition.

Assign multiple locations

Add multiple locations to a single job requisition.

Create sequential approval chains

Create sequential approval chains so Njoyn can forward requisitions to multiple managers in the order you choose.

Multiple broadcast channels

Choose multiple broadcast channels (internal, job boards, social networks) from lists you create.

Set publishing date ranges for each channel

Set date ranges for each individual channel.

Create consistent job requisitions faster. Never again will you need to create multiple postings by location or language, or remove an advertised job. Handle more in less time with Njoyn.

Onboarding: From Candidate to Colleague

WIth our new onboarding features, speed up the process of moving the best candidates from the applicant pool into your workplace.

Welcome new hires by utilizing our brand new interface. Put onboarding documentation there to help candidates start sooner. Let H.R. and hiring managers know right away which candidates are coming on board and enable all parties to help your new colleague hit the ground running.

Finish the hiring process right with Njoyn.

So what are you waiting for?

Enhanced collaboration. All-in-one dashboards. Less data leakage. Better, more accurate reporting. Sleek and easy to use interface, in the office or on the go. See it for yourself.

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Terms of UsePrivacy Policy • © 2019 Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique CGI inc. All rights reserved.
150 Commerce Valley Drive West. Markham, ON. L3T 7Z3. Tel: +1 905 695 6560